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  • A city charter

    A few weeks ago, I published a series of articles on  on how to maximize the economic impact of our new university campus. To do that, our town must change from a general law to a charter form of city government. The other university cities in this state are all charter cities. But, there’s…

  • Partnership for Economic Development’s first IEDC award nomination

    This award recognizes a community or business leader, or an individual who is not an economic development practitioner, but who plays a key leadership role. Nominees for the award should have shown support for or been involved in a broad range of activities for at least 10 years and have been involved in economic development,…

  • United Way of Lake Havasu’s first Tocqueville Society award

    United Way Tocqueville award UW award Dr. Ullery L to R, United Way board president, Nancy, Bill, and the United Way CEO,  April 30, 2007.

  • Rotary’s Paul Harris Fellow tribute

    Rotary Paul Harris Fellow award Presented June 22, 2012 by the three Lake Havasu City Rotary clubs. Paul Harris Fellow award presented to Dr Bill at the HFHE January 2012 Annual Meeting by Ken Moyer, Jerry Ernst, and John Parrott on behalf of the Lake Havasu Rotary clubs.  

  • Chamber of Commerce citizen of the year

    Citizen of the year 2011 Grand Marshal 2011 London Bridge Days parade   HFHE recipient of special award

  • News & Reports

    Click on each link to activate…. Bill Ullery’s at it again Ullery retires from HFHE HFHE shifts focus College a key to city’s excellence Arizona won’t help fund low-cost degree programs Out of state colleges recruit in California ASU wants Goodyear to build new campus in SW Valley Phoenix eyes new ASU campus land University…

  • New ASU campus news

    ASU scholarship funding needed A dream becoming a reality Vision for Havasu U sharpened ASU to replace Daytona ASU coming to Havasu General contractor named for ASU project ASU head to visit Havasu campus site ASU begins to stir real estate buzz Michael Crow making bold moves as ASU president Editorial on university Arizona State…

  • click on…Economic & Fiscal Impact of Colleges…to activate links below

    Then, click on each link to activate…. Bill’s 7 articles on economic development Econ development series #2   College grads rare in Havasu Colleges boost economy The power of Communiversity College towns do OK Econ Fiscal Imp abr rpt Econ impact Downtown campus Waiting for ASU in Payson, economic impact ASU campus in Payson means…

  • HFHE business plan for the university project

    HFHE business plan