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Arguments against in TNH #1-4 A series of four short articles by Dr Bill NEWEST Why some say it’s not good for Havasu, why a charter will not work like more taxes, bigger city budget, more bureaucrats, and more.

Bill’s 7 articles as published in the Today’s News-Herald


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Pollution is ruining Lake Havasu tourism major news from a lake crisis only a few years ago. Could it happen again?


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Bill Ullery’s at it again

Ullery retires from HFHE

HFHE shifts focus

College a key to city’s excellence

Arizona won’t help fund low-cost degree programs

Out of state colleges recruit in California

ASU wants Goodyear to build new campus in SW Valley

Phoenix eyes new ASU campus land

University […]

New ASU campus news

ASU scholarship funding needed

A dream becoming a reality

Vision for Havasu U sharpened

ASU to replace Daytona

ASU coming to Havasu

General contractor named for ASU project

ASU head to visit Havasu campus site

ASU begins to stir real estate buzz

Michael Crow making bold moves as ASU president

Editorial on university

Arizona State […]

Recent history of conflict with the county board of supervisors

LHC’s former finance director charged with four felonies

Voter initiative to create a new county

County buildings controversy

Havasu gets the lower paying jobs

County library scam

Proposed legislation

Bottom line with BOS

What part of NO

Ratify illegal acts

Lawsuit on county admin bldg

County funding is feeding Kingman

Mohave County’s ambition building plans