Recent history of conflict with the county board of supervisors

LHC’s former finance director charged with four felonies

Voter initiative to create a new county

County buildings controversy

Havasu gets the lower paying jobs

County library scam

Proposed legislation

Bottom line with BOS

What part of NO

Ratify illegal acts

Lawsuit on county admin bldg

County funding is feeding Kingman

Mohave County’s ambition building plans

Mohave County vs Ullery

Sheriff’s office tax savings if in new county

Ullery renews attempt to move county seat

Ullery’s lawsuit on way to courtroom soon

Move the county seat

Court requested to remove county supervisors

Bill’s bottom line with county

Issues with the county

Notice of claim against county

Continuing violations of law

We need help from attorney general

Fuzzy math from county manager

County corruption and culture

Initiative to create a new county

New county sheriff’s office

Suit may have a leg to stand on

Ullery refuses to withdraw claim

Open meeting law violation

Voter initiative for new county

Ullery takes case to Senate

County profits from Havasu senior center

Secede from county