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 Town Hall report by Robbin Wohl

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Link to news article;  Nexsen; Stretching out sewer debt repayment over 40 years

Response by Robbin Wohl;  40-year sewer refinancing scheme

Click here for Is it a fee or a tax, fact check #11
Why not ask the tax payers, fact check #12

Upset the established order, fact check #13 revised per MQ

Ullery vs. Lake Havasu City lawsuit     14CV7013a

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Response to city letter of 11-12-13  (threat by the city countered by a threat of legal action by Dr. Bill)

ATTACHMENTS A thru H  (docs that go with the letter to the city)

Nexsen’s brochure          Dr Bill’s analysis of Nexsen’s brochure


Published columns:

Nexsen’s informal chat at Schlotzky’s Fact Check #1

Muni tax breaks are illegal, Fact Check #2

Sewer rate increase, Fact Check #3

Sewer Rate Stablization Fund Fact Check #4

Myths on recall elections Fact Check #5

Current brand of leadership, Fact Check 6

City increases property tax, Fact Check 7

Let the people vote, Fact Check #8

Why bother with bids, Fact Check #9

Corruption in local government Fact Check #10

Is it a fee or a tax, fact check #11

Why not ask the tax payers, fact check #12

Upset the established order, fact check #13


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Arizona Bans Tax Breaks for Retail Development

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 2001 sewer bond details

Havasu’s mayor looks for help from Washington

Did they violate their oath of office

Your sewer fee is a tax scam

Sewer fee increase to double


 City attorney ruling 9-11-13

Harvey Jackson ltr to city 10-1-13

 Sewer fee initiatives media release


click here for AZ constitution and Singer Initiative statement of Cassens  Sewer Rates city council minutes Feb 19, 2013

 Singer Tax Initiative

City fees (taxes) by a do-nothing city council

click on the link for six columns published May 2013;   Issues and priorities May 2013


 Sewer vote will change city


Town Hall agenda  Sept. 26, 2012

Arguments against in TNH #1-4     A series of four short articles by Dr Bill.  Why some say it’s not good for Havasu, why a charter will not work like more taxes, bigger city budget, more bureaucrats, and more.  

Econ development series  Five new articles by Dr Bill.How to get to a $150 million per year economic impact. (It won’t be easy!)


Charter city government  overview by League of Az Cities & Towns

LHC charter draft by Dr Bill      As suggestions are received, this draft will be revised.

Charter city series of five articles by Dr Bill      Lots of details for those who want to know.

Phoenix city charter

Prescott city charter

Tempe city charter

Tucson charter